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With its position as one of the three major tourist cities on the tourist map of Vietnam, Da Nang is a beautiful, gentle and welcoming coastal city, where you can easily reach it by road or air.

Da Nang city is located in central Vietnam with an almost equal distance between the two largest cities: the capital Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Referring to Da Nang, many people will often think of “the most livable city in Vietnam” with its scenery, mild climate, very suitable for relaxation. Therefore, Da Nang tourism is always the first choice of many tourists.

How to travel from Hanoi to Da Nang

There are 3 main ways to travel from Hanoi to Da Nang: a 1 hour on a flight; a 15 hours train, or a 15 hours bus. Rates range from 520,000 VND (~US$ 21.50) to 1,154,000 VND (~US$ 47.5). For those with an adventurous spirit, you can rent a motorbike and travel by yourself.

  • Taking a flight is a fast and convenient way to travel from Hanoi to Da Nang. The flight takes only about 1 hour. With combined fares from 745,000 VND ($30.50).
  • Train travel in Vietnam is always a great experience. The train ride from Hanoi to Da Nang takes around 15.5 hours, but you can travel overnight so that you don’t waste a day on the journey. Rates for a 4-berth cabin start from 1,154,000 VND ($47.50).
  • For those with an adventurous spirit, traveling by motorbikes is a great option. You can rent a motorbike and travel by yourself. Motorbike rental ranges from 4 – 6 USD/day.

For more information, visit: https://www.geckoroutes.com/vietnam/hanoi-to-da-nang/

Means of transportation in Da Nang

Motorbikes: motorbike is the most popular way to travel in Viet Nam. Motorbike rental ranges from 4 – 6 USD/day.

Grabbike: Grab is the Uber of the Southeast Asia. First 2km, the fare for Grabbike is 0.5 USD/km, the fare for the next kilometers is 0.2 USD/km.

Taxis: In Da Nang, you can easily call a taxi. Taxi fare is about 0.5 – 0.7 USD/km.

Buses: Bus is a familiar form of public transport in Da Nang. Bus fare is about 03. – 0.4 USD/route.

Tourist electric cars: This is the vehicle often chosen by tourists for transportation to nearby areas. The fare for the ride is about 0.5 USD/15 minutes.

Where to visit in Da Nang?

Da nang beaches

Da Nang city has long been famous for its many beaches. This place was voted by the famous American economic magazine Forbes as one of the places with the most attractive beaches on the planet includes: Non Nuoc, Bac My An, My Khe, Pham Van Dong, Xuan Thieu, Thanh Binh, Nam O and the beaches of Son Tra peninsula (Bai Nam, Bai Rang, Bai But, Bai Tien Sa, Bai Con, Bai Bac…).

Da Nang beach has small waves, calm water, clear blue in four seasons, no pollution, salinity is about 60%, high safety. The beaches in Son Tra peninsula also have many corals, coastal and marine flora and fauna. The beaches have a large slope, clear blue water suitable for tourists who want to enjoy various types of recreational services, fishing, windsurfing, snorkeling, yachting, etc.

For more information, visit https://vietnamtravel.com/best-beaches-in-danang/

Ba Na hill

Ba Na hill

At an altitude of 1,487m above sea level, Sun World Ba Na Hills is known as a “fairy land”, possessing a wonderful climate and amazing natural landscape. Visitors come to Sun World Ba Na Hills to experience the 4-season climate in one day with a variety of festivals, entertainment, and culinary activities.

Related informations:

Location: Truong Son Mountains west of the city of Da Nang

Opening hours: 8:00 – 17:00 everyday

Ba Na hill cable car ticket price:

  • Adults and children over 1.4m tall: 850,000 VND (~US$ 34)
  • Children from 1m – 1m4 tall: 700,000 VND (~US$ 28)
  • Children under 1m tall: Free

For more information, visit: https://banahills.sunworld.vn/en

Con market

Con Market is a famous place in Da Nang city, the market sells a wide variety of goods, especially delicious Da Nang specialties at very affordable prices. When coming to Da Nang, visitors can experience dining in extremely exotic food courts.

Related informations:

Location: 290 Hung Vuong, Vinh Trung Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

Opening hours: 6:00 – 20:00 everyday

For more information, visit: https://vietnamdiscovery.com/da-nang/shopping/con-market/

Ngu Hanh Son

Ngu Hanh Son is the common name of 6 limestone mountains located near the beach. With an area of about 2000km2, this place is a famous scenic spot in Da Nang with beautiful scenery and mysterious caves. In the memory of many people, this place is also the “terrestrial” area in the past. This mountain converges the beauty of the mountain, the sea, and the historical, cultural and spiritual values.

Related informations:

Location: 81 Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang

Opening hours: 7:00 – 17:00 everyday

For more information, visit: https://vietnamdiscovery.com/da-nang/attractions/marble-mountains/

Dragon bridge

Dragon bridge

Dragon Bridge is one of the main attractions of Da Nang. Dragon Bridge Da Nang is also voted by many tourists as the bridge with the most unique design in Vietnam until now. This bridge is not only a symbol of Da Nang city but also a check-in place that is loved by many photo tweezers.

Related informations:

Location: Nguyen Van Linh Street, Phuoc Ninh Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

Water-fire spraying schedule: 21:00 every Saturday, Sunday, major holidays.

For more information, visit: https://vietnamdiscovery.com/da-nang/attractions/dragon-bridge/

And many more tourist attraction such as: My Khe beach, Non Nuoc beach, Asia park, 3D Museum Art, 3D Museum Art, My Son Sanctuary, etc.

Foods and drinks

Traditional cakes

Traditional cakes

Although having the same name as Hue cakes, these types of cakes in Da Nang are modified in their own style, bringing different colors from the filling to the wrapping leaves. The delicious trays of cakes with greasy slices of sausage and rich dipping sauce make you want to eat them just by looking at them.

Quang Noodles

Quang Noodles

Quang noodle is a dish you cannot miss when traveling to Da Nang. Noodles are made from rice and ingredients include: pork, chicken, shrimp, with the broth made from stewed bones, creating a natural sweetness that is equally rich for the dish.

And many other traditional foods that tourists may enjoy when visiting Da Nang include: sticky rice with chicken, sizzling beef steak, salad with pork and shrimps, thick noodle soup, etc.

In short, considered to be the most livable city in Vietnam, Da Nang is always on the “priority list” when it comes to tourist attractions in Vietnam. Da Nang has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vietnam. People come to Da Nang for many things. This place is the harmony between the beautiful sea – mountain – river, friendly people, and the modern pace of life of a growing city. It is because of these things that Da Nang tourism has never ceased to be hot.

For more information and to book a tour, visit: https://www.bestpricetravel.com/travel-guide/da-nang.html

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