Pham Viet Khoa, FECON, Vietnam

Phung Duc Long, VSSMGE, Vietnam
Ikuo Towhata, Japanese Geotechnical Society, Japan


Takeshi Katsumi, Kyoto University, Japan
Trinh Viet Cuong, Institute for Building Science & Technology, Vietnam
Phan Quang Minh, National University of Civil Engineering, Vietnam
Doan The Tuong, Vietnam Geotechnical Institute, Vietnam
Trinh Minh Thu, Thuyloi University, Vietnam
Pham Nhu Huy, Vietnam Investment Consulting & Construction Designing JSC, Vietnam
Ta Duc Thinh, Vietnam Society for Engineering Geology & Environment, Vietnam
Nguyen Quang Phich, Hanoi University of Mining & Geology, Vietnam



Phung Duc Long, VSSMGE, Vietnam


Nguyen Ba Ke, FECON, Vietnam
Le Duc Thang, FECON, Vietnam
Nguyen Cong Man, WRU, Vietnam
Nguyen Viet Trung, UTC, Vietnam
Ngo The Phong, FECON, Vietnam
Do Minh Toan, HUMG, Vietnam
Nguyen Huu Dau, ITST, Vietnam
Pham Quoc Hung, FECON, Vietnam
Phung Tien Trung, FECON, Vietnam
Trinh Minh Thu, WRU, Vietnam
Huynh Dang Vinh, ITST, Vietnam
Nguyen Cong Thang, WRU, Vietnam
Bui Thanh Tung, FECON, Vietnam
Ta Xuan Hien, FECON, Vietnam
Trinh Viet Cuong, IBST, Vietnam
Takeshi Katsumi, Kyoto University, Japan
Yoichi Watabe, PARI, Japan
Takeshi Satoh, Asano-Taisei-Kiso Engineering, Co. Ltd., Japan
Le Quang Hanh, FECON, Vietnam
Vu The Manh, FECON, Vietnam
Hoang Viet Hung, WRU, Vietnam
Nguyen Hoang Giang, NUCE, Vietnam
Bertil Nord, SGS, Sweden
Pham Huy Giao, AIT, Thiland
Do Minh Duc, Vietnam Society for Engineering Geology & Environment, Vietnam
Hoang Van Long, Mining & Geology University, Vietnam
Tran Huy Hung, FECON, Vietnam
Jea Hyun PARK, Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology (KICT)
Le Thu Hanh, FECON, Vietnam
Le Van Thanh, FECON, Vietnam
William Cheang, Plaxis AsiaPac, Singapore 

 Dr. Gary Axelsson, ELU Konsult AB, Sweden



Sven Hansbo, Sweden
Harry G. Poulos, Australia
Kenji Ishihara, Japan
Pieter A. Vermeer, Netherlands
Alain Guilloux, France
Helmut Schweiger, Austria
Bo Berggren, Sweden

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