Brief Statistics of Abstracts Submitted to GH2023

Fig 1. Percentage of submitted abstracts by theme

Up to April 15, the conference has received nearly 300 abstracts from 41 countries of the five continents. The number of abstracts received for GEOTEC HANOI 2023 (GH2023) increased 15% compared with that for the last conference (GH2019). Fig.1 above highlights the percentage of abstracts received for each theme of the conference.

Fig.2 Percentage of submitted abstracts by continent

Fig. 2 shows the percentage of abstracts submitted by each continent. Compared with the last conference (GH2019), the conference this year marks a significant increment of abstracts from Europe and Americas.

Fig. 3 Percentage of author number by country

The total of number of authors in the abstracts is over 800 from 41 countries. Fig. 3 above shows the percentage of author number from each country. Remarkably, the largest percentage of author number is from Vietnam, followed by Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, India, Germany, the UK, and others.

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