GEOTEC HANOI 2011 – “Geotechics for Sustainable Development” was the first international conference organised by FECON CORPORATION, Vietnamese Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (VSSMGE), and Civil Engineering-Mechanics-Material Association (France). GEOTEC HANOI 2011 was held on 6th -7th October 2011 in Hanoi (Vietnam).

The six sessions were held parallel in two conference halls. Among the conference high-lights were the six keynote lectures given by six well-known geotechnical experts in the world.

Soft Soil Improvement and Reinforcement

Keynote Lecture
“Soil Improvement by Preloading and Vertical Drainage”

Sven Hansbo, 1924–2018 (Sweden)

Sven Hansbo, 1924–2018 (Sweden) - GEOTEC HANOI 2011

Foundation Engineering

Keynote Lecture
“The design of high-rise building foundations”

Harry Poulos (Australia)

Harry Poulos (Australia) - GEOTEC HANOI 2011

Tunneling and Underground Spaces

Keynote Lecture
“Tunneling in soft ground and urban environment”

Alain Guilloux (France)

Allain Guilloux (France) - GEOTEC HANOI 2011

Environmental Geotechnics and Sustainable Development

Keynote Lecture
“Current Facts Concerning Efforts to Improve the Global Environment and Commitments by the Construction Industry in Japan”

Hiroshi Yoshida (Japan)

Hiroshi Yoshida (Japan) - GEOTEC HANOI 2011

Geotechnical Modeling, Design and Monitoring

Keynote Lecture
“New horizons in numerical analysis for geotechnical engineering”

Pieter Vermeer (the Netherlands)

Pieter Vermeer (the Netherlands) - GEOTEC HANOI 2011

Geotechnical Case Histories

Keynote Lecture
“Characteristics of Liquefaction-Induced Damage in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake”

Kenji Ishihara (Japan)

Kenji Ishihara (Japan) - GEOTEC HANOI 2011




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