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Okuyama Boring Co., Ltd

Okuyama Boring - Supporting Sponsor of GEOTECHN 2019
Okuyama Boring Co., Ltd
10-39 Shinmei-cho, Yokote-City, AKITA Prefecture, Japan. Postal Code: 013-0046


Okuyama Boring Co., Ltd was established in 1946. The company has been engaged in various projects to help solve many landslide problems. We conduct surveys and analyses, draft rational countermeasures as well as safe workflow diagrams, and provide advices on ensuring safety during landslide countermeasure works. In addition, we predict numerically how the next piece of soil mass would slide to design effective countermeasure works.

For this purpose we also conduct field surveys, monitoring, observation, etc. in order not to miss any early signs of the next slope failures and rockfalls. In this manner, we are working towards developing safe and secure social infrastructures.

Our company will continue creating new corporate values that will meet social requirements to renovate the world safer, and all employees will work together as one team by the corporate slogan “Create the world abundant and prosperous for future”.

Business Sector

  1. Geological / soil survey.
  2. Landslide survey and analysis, landslide countermeasure work.
  3. Slope engineering work.
  4. Development of simulation software for collapsed sediment.