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Raito Kogyo Co., LTD.

Raito - Diamond Sponsor of GEOTECHN 2019
Raito Kogyo Co., LTD.
4-2-35 Kudan-kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,102-8236, Japan

General information

Since its establishment in Japan in 1943, Raito Kogyo has been actively engaged in specialized civil engineering, making significant contributions to society through disaster prevention and infrastructure development. Leveraging expertise in areas such as ground improvement techniques like jet grouting, chemical grouting, and deep soil mixing, and slope protection and stabilization methods, we provides innovative solutions to diverse challenges.

Recognizing the importance of addressing global needs, Raito Kogyo is committed to expanding its presence beyond Japan’s borders. By sharing our advanced technologies and best practices internationally, we aim to contribute to the global community, enhancing disaster prevention and promoting infrastructure development worldwide.

At Raito Kogyo, we value our continuous pursuit of excellence and commitment to uphold high standards of quality, safety, and sustainability. We aim to meet and, when possible, exceed industry expectations while helping to shape the evolution of the construction field. Through balanced growth and a focus on innovation, we remain dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future for communities around the world.

Business sector


Civil engierring

  • Ground improvement associated with infrastructure construction such as roads, railways, ports, and water and sewer systems.
  • Slope stabilization and protection measures for areas adjacent to roads.”


  • Ground Improvement Jet Grouting, Chemical Injection, Deep Mixing Method)
  • Cut-off Walls (Soil Cement Walls)
  • Slope protection and stabilization: Sprayed Concrete and Mortar, Slope Greening, Ground Anchors, Rockfall Protection Nets
  • Structural Repair

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Note: The Grand Conference Hall is a combined one of the Conference Hall 1 and Conference Hall 2