GEOTEC HANOI 2019 will include six intensive lectures from leading experts in geotechnical field in the world. At conference this year, they will give keynote lectures related to six conference themes.

Deep Foundations

Keynote Lecture: Deep Foundation Design – Issues, Procedures and Inadequacies

Harry Poulos (Australia) - GEOTEC HANOI 2011

Harry G. Poulos

Professor of Geotechnical Engineering and Soil Mechanics at University of Sydney, Australia.


Tunnelling and Underground Spaces

Keynote Lecture: Soil-water-tunnel interaction at the front face of a TBM

Adam Bezuijen

Professor of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics at Ghent University, Belgium and part-time senior specialist at Deltares, Delft, the Netherlands.


Ground Improvement

Keynote Lecture: Recent Development of Quality Control and Assurance of Deep Mixing Method

Masaki Kitazume

Professor of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan


Landslide and Erosion

Keynote Lecture: Developments in Landslide Analysis

Delwyn G. Fredlund

Prefessor and Head of the Golder Unsaturated Soils Group, Canada.


Geotechnical Modelling and Monitoring

Keynote Lecture: Application of advanced numerical analysis in geotechnical engineering design

Lidija Zdravkovic

Professor of Computational Gemechanics and Head of the Geotechnics Division at Imperial College London, UK.


Coastal Foundation Engineering

Keynote Lecture: Considerations in the design of piles in soft rock

Mark Randolph

Professor of Civil Engineering in the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems, the University of Western, Australia.


Invited Speakers

Charles Ng

President of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) , Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

Special Invited Lecture: Advancing engineering designs through geotechnical centrifuge modelling


Eun Chul Shin

Vice President of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) for Asia, Professor in Incheon National University, Korea.

Special Invited Lecture: Application Geosynthetics in the Construction of Sea Dike and Shore Protection.


norikazu shimizu

Vice President of the International Society for Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering (ISRM), Professor in Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Yamaguchi University, Japan.

Invited Lecture: New horizons in displacement monitoring using satellite technology in rock and geotechnical engineering



Former Chairman of the Japan Geotechnical Consultants Association,  special advisor of Raito Kogyo Co., Ltd (Japan)

Invited Lecture: Recent Trends in the Development of the Deep Mixing Methods in Japan


GEOTEC HANOI Themes & Keynote Speakers from 2011 — 2016

1. Deep Foundation

Keynote Lecture: “Mistakes and delusion in piled foundation design”, by Prof. Bengt H. Fellenius (Canada).

2. Underground Construction & Tunneling

Keynote Lecture: “Evaluation of different measures in reducing movements induced by deep excavation”, by Prof. Chang-Yu Ou (Taiwan).

3. Ground improvement for Infrastructure Projects

Keynote Lecture: “Drains and Vacuum for Soft Soil Stabilization – Recent Advances in Experimental and Numerical Modelling”, by Prof. Buddhima Indraratna (Australia).

4. Coastal Geotechnics for Climate Change

Keynote Lecture: “Geotechnical response to natural disasters in the context of climate change”, by Prof. Kazuya Yasuhara (Japan).

5. Monitoring , Inspection and Maintenance

Keynote Lecture: “Ground and structural response to tunneling – lessons learnt from three major projects in London”, by Dr. Jamie Standing (UK).

1. Foundation For High-Rise Buildings

Keynote Lecture: “Geotechnical challenges at super high-rise buildings”, by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Katzenbach (Germany)

2. Underground Projects In Soft Soil

Keynote Lecture: “Management of settlements for an urban tunnel (Toulon, France)”, by Prof. Prof. Alain Guilloux (France)

3. Soil Improvement And Reinforcement For Infrastructure

Keynote Lecture: “Recent geosynthetic-reinforced soil structures for railways in Japan”, by Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka (Japan)

4. Monitoring And Instrumentation For Tunnels And Excavations

Keynote Lecture: “Smart Geo-Infrastructure-Opportunities for new sensor monitoring systems””, by Prof. Kenichi Soga (UK)

5. Geotechnical Modeling And Numerical Analysis

Keynote Lecture: “Examples for successful 3D finite element analysis in geotechnical engineering”, by Prof. Helmut F. Schweiger (Austria)

1. Soft soil improvement and reinforcement

Keynote Lecture: “Soil improvement by preloading and vertical drainage”, by Prof. Sven Hansbo (Sweden)

2. Foundation Engineering

Keynote Lecture: “The design of high-rise building foundations”, by Prof. Harry Poulos (Australia).

3. Tunneling and Underground Spaces

Keynote Lecture: “Tunneling in soft ground and urban environment”, by Prof. Alain Guilloux (France).

4. Environmental Geotechnics and Sustainable Development

Keynote Lecture: “Current Facts Concerning Efforts to Improve the Global Environment and Commitments by the Construction Industry in Japan”, by Dr. Hiroshi Yoshida (Japan).

5. Geotechnical modeling, design and monitoring

Keynote Lecture: “New horizons in numerical analysis for geotechnical engineering”, by Professor Pieter Vermeer (the Netherlands).

6. Geotechnical case histories

Keynote Lecture: “Characteristics of Liquefaction-Induced Damage in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake”, by Prof. Kenji Ishihara (Japan)